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How to hire a dedicated React Native developer in 2022: the ultimate guide

Max Tsurbeliov
Max Tsurbeliov

Content Creator

July 29, 2021


How to hire a dedicated React Native developer in 2022: the ultimate guide

How to hire a dedicated React Native developer in 2022: the ultimate guide

Max Tsurbeliov
Max Tsurbeliov

Content Creator

July 29, 2021


How to hire a dedicated React Native developer in 2022: the ultimate guide

Hiring a React Native developer nowadays is a challenging task. The dramatically growing number of mobile users that will reach 7.49 billion by 2025 triggers unprecedented competition on the market. That makes companies’ battle for cross-platform mobile apps developers severe like never before. 

The number of mobile apps users dynamic 2020-2025,
The number of mobile apps users dynamic 2020-2025,

Considering the latest research, talented React Native developers are one of the most desired trophies on the HR battlefield. It’s not only due to the performance of the React Native framework itself but the overall lack of experienced specialists. Therefore, to find and attract one, you need to know how and where to search for a real professional. 

As a software development company with broad experience, we’ve created a bunch of great mobile apps. Having recruited dozens of React Native developers, we’ve decided to share our expertise with the world and created an ultimate guide for hiring a React Native developer. In this guide, you’ll find:

  • What is React Native;
  • Skills you need to look for in a developer;
  • How to prepare the perfect job description;
  • Where to look for talented and promising devs;
  • React Native developers’ salaries around the world;
  • How to conduct an interview and what questions to ask.

What React Native development is

Although you may know what React Native is, it would be useful to refresh your memory about the subject. A clear vision of the work specifications of a professional you are looking for is a must. So, let’s start with a brief account of the React Native platform and its basic features

React Native is a JavaScript framework that allows developers to create native mobile apps using a JS codebase. It was created by Facebook and quickly became popular worldwide among developers for its cross-platform capabilities, speed, and unique features. Currently, it works with multiple platforms, including iOS and Android.  

In nature, React Native code is a combination of XML-based markup and JavaScript, or JSX. Native rendering of the applications in React Native happens through Objective C (iOS) and Java (Android) APIs. With RN cross-platform structure, developers can reuse up to 90 percent of the code. It saves their efforts and accelerates up-to-market time.

Working with React Native, an app doesn’t use web views because the framework includes native UI components. It means that the system will consume fewer resources to perform seamlessly. 

Among other prominent features that make RN stand out from other native mobile development platforms are live reload, superfast and GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) usage. 

Pros and cons of React Native framework:


  • Fast development process;
  • Performant applications; 
  • Stable and extremely flexible framework;
  • Hot reload feature;
  • Simple and handy UI;
  • Large and supportive developer community.


  • Debugging and compatibility issues;
  • Lacks custom modules.

What skills are necessary for React developer 

To choose a great RN developer, you need to know what professional skills & personal qualities he or she should represent. 

Hard skills

Starting with the practical skills a good React Native developer should have. These core skills are the decisive factor for RN developers’ choosing. Thus, the first thing to do in the interview is to find out if an applicant has the following skillset. 

Excellent knowledge of Javascript 

So as React Native is a JS framework, a candidate should have an impeccable knowledge of JavaScript itself. It is a vital point for React Native cross-platform mobile development. Javascript knowledge will help React Native developers to understand the flow of RN mobile apps, structure their logic, and add new components. 

Android and iOS apps development experience 

A great RN developer should have experience working with Android and iOS apps. A developer must be able to tell the difference between those two development types. Besides, he/she needs to know both Objective-C/Swift (iOS) and Java/Kotlin (Android) to run an application on different devices. In addition, it’s vital for a developer to know the best React Native databases and be able to integrate them with iOS/Android apps.

Knowledge of React basics

Next, make sure your potential RN developer knows JSX (JavaScript XML) and React Virtual DOM concepts. Additionally, a decent candidate should know the component lifecycle (mounting, unmounting, updating, error handling). 

Work-related tools

The experienced React Native developer will most likely know some extra tech or software tools to streamline the workflow. For instance, it can be some communication tools like Slack, Zoom, Google Meet. They are particularly essential during the lockdown. 

Additionally, it would be a huge plus if a React Native developer is familiar with:

  • Redux - to handle the mobile application state;
  • Jest - JS code testing framework;
  • Sentry - allows real-time crash checking;
  • App Center - to build and distribute applications across testers;
  • RNTL (React Native Testing Library) - to test RN components.

Certainly, there are many more such instruments that can streamline the developer’s work. Anyway, your potential React Native developer should be familiar with some of those tools. 

Code clarity and style

Working code doesn’t always mean a good code. Apart from functionality, the code should be clear. Clear code makes app maintenance and future updates a lot easier. Besides, it has a great impact on the functionality of the app. That’s because well-structured code is much easier to modify, understand and read. Basically, the ability to code with clarity is what separates pro devs from mediocre ones. Some techniques and principles help programmers make the code more understandable:

  • SOLID;
  • Command-query separation;
  • High cohesion, loose coupling.

It would be nice to inform candidates in a vacancy description that you expect them to adhere to those principles and techniques. 

Another articulate sign of a good React developer is the ability to follow style guidelines. It is vital for teamwork. Consistent programming style allows developers to spot and fix bugs faster. A skilled React Native developer should be able to adjust to your project’s coding style.

Soft skills

As any other professional, React Native developers should have basic soft skills. Personal qualities influence teamwork productivity big time. Unlike the hard skills, some personal qualities of a candidate are up to you to rank. The choice should be based on your company’s culture and values. 

In this section, you’ll find several soft skills that impact React Native developer’s work the most.  

Communication skills 

The ability of a team member to exchange ideas and build trustworthy relationships with other developers is vital for effective cooperation. Therefore, the ideal candidate should have sufficient communication skills. Usually, socially effective people have some of the following traits:


If a person can feel for others and have a genuine concern about peoples’ emotions and states, there’s a high probability he/she would be a good team player.


Basic understanding of etiquette and polite treatment.


The ability and willingness to contact other people, build trust relationships, and exchange ideas.


Successful React Native developers are always proactive and result-oriented people. These qualities help them find solutions to any problem that can pop up during the app development cycle. 

Time management

Time is the essence in mobile app development as the release date defines a great deal of its success. If the development company fails to meet deadlines, it can heavily damage its reputation. To set the precise release dates, companies create project time estimates. That’s why the time management skills of your React Native developers should be on a high level.  


Like for all professionals, this quality is essential for react developers too. Responsible people are more likely to get thighs done properly. Usually, such people are the leaders and serve as role models that set the productivity and quality bar of the team quite high. If you want to have a team member you can rely on, make sure your candidate is ready to take full responsibility for the work. 

Stress resistance

The world of software development is tough. Sometimes, the working pace of mobile apps development projects becomes insane. Apart from that, developers are always under pressure of high expectations and pretty tight deadlines. Needless to say, to withstand all these, they need to have iron nerves. You don’t want to lose a developer in the middle of the project because of nervous breakdown. So, you need to choose a pretty stress-tolerant person from the start.   


App development is a sort of art. You can see the individuality in the way the elements of the application are organized. Most people can define the templated approach after a few minutes of using an app. Obviously, templated apps don’t strike the audience and are unlikely to catch the attention of millions. On the contrary, ingenious and bold solutions attract users and increase app engagement time.

Although creativity’s not a widespread quality, it is great to have a developer who can think outside the box in your team. 

How to write a React Native developer job description

Once you’ve figured out what skills and personal qualities you are looking for in a React Native developer, it’s time to write a job description. 

The vacancy description is the first conversation you have with your potential React Native developer. And, the first impression it will have on the seeker is the decisive one. That’s why you need to make a carefully worded, concise, and comprehensive vacancy description to attract the specialist you need. You’ll do it quite easily, following the React Native developer job description guidelines below.

React Native developer job description writing guidelines

Tell the applicants about your company/project.

You introduce yourself when you meet a new person. This principle works perfectly and in job description writing. It can be as simple as a few words like “Inspired mobile development team looks for a talented React Native developer”. Or, it can be even a few paragraphs with your company’s history, philosophy, mission, and the reasons you opened the vacancy.

Describe what your developer will be doing.

Here, you make a list of duties and responsibilities your new developer will have in your company. You can use this one as an example:

  • Architect, build, and maintain iOS and Android React Native applications;
  • Write clear code following the team’s style guidelines;
  • Integrate third-party APIs;
  • Work with Native modules, if necessary;
  • Implement pixel-perfect UIs that comply with design;
  • Communicate with clients and team via Gmail, Slack, Zoom (the tools you use in your company);
  • Implement smooth transactions and animations to enhance user experience;
  • Use the modern tools including G-suite, Jira, GitHub, Teamviewer, Slack (extra tools you use);
  • Track your work engagement time in YouTrack (any tool you use to track your employees working time);
  • Release apps and present them in Google and Apple stores;
  • Work in a team with React Native developers, QA and BA specialists, and designers;
  • Complete weekly sprints, participate in week retrospections and daily meetings.

State your React Native developer requirements

This section is the central part of your job description. It should be clear on what you expect from a seeker. Properly composed professional requirements will filter out the majority of unsuitable candidates. As a result, you save your time on interviews.

Generally, it is a list of hard and soft skills you expect a developer to have. Also, you can include work experience preferences and other competencies. 

  • N+ years of experience working with React Native;
  • N+ years of mobile applications/software development experience;
  • Objective C, Java and Swift working experience (optional);
  • Ability to create performant React Native applications;
  • Understanding of React Native best practices and the ability to use them;
  • Experience in responsive design-oriented development;
  • Ability to find solutions to the React Native problems and contribute to its libraries (if possible);
  • Ability to take full responsibility for your work;
  • Can-do approach to your work tasks and positive mindset;
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to work in a team;
  • Intermediate + level of English to communicate with the team and customers;
  • Attention to details;
  • Creative approach to the tasks and issues;
  • Ability to dedicate to work at least N hours per week.

Choose the type of RN developer you need

There are three types of React Native developers you can hire:


The developers, who join your team only to help you with a single project, or task. They leave you when the contracted action is performed. 


  • High expertise & capabilities;
  • Reasonable hourly rates;
  • High-quality results;
  • Flexibility;
  • Minimum legal routines required;
  • Highly-motivated specialists;
  • Autonomous & self-organizing.


  • Don’t participate in internal projects; 
  • Possible communication problems.

In-house specialists

This is the type of devs you establish long-term relationships with. They would probably like to build their careers in your company and become an integral part of your team.


  • Easy communication & management;
  • Reliability & stronger relationships;
  • High motivation level;
  • Internal projects orientation.


  • High salary expenses;
  • Require onboarding and training;
  • The legal aspect's responsibility is on you.

Outsource companies

If you need React Native developers to create a single cross-platform mobile app for your business, leverage an outsource developing agency. In this case, you will be able to choose the developers from the agency’s team yourself. Though, you bet they will be excellent specialists because the developers are the survival criterion of such agencies. What’s more, all the staff care and most of the management is on the agency’s side.


  • Exceptional expertise and experience;
  • Ready team of React Native developers;
  • Fast time-to-market;
  • Most likely to bring fresh ideas;
  • Motivated to perform to improve reputation.


  • Pretty high service price (depends);
  • Idea communication difficulties.

Make a layout of the benefits of working with you

Now you need to persuade a React Native developer to work with you. The better way to do it is to present the benefits developers get working on your project. It can be:  

  • Competitive salary; 
  • Health insurance;
  • Various compensation programs;
  • Internal classes and training courses;
  • Long vacations and sick days;
  • Business trips opportunity;
  • Ability to work remotely;
  • Flexible working hours;
  • The convenient office location. 

In the case of work benefits that you propose, the type of specialist (freelance, in-house) you want to hire is a determiner. For instance, if you opt for a freelance specialist or software development agency, they won’t aspire for medical insurance or business trips. However, they can ask for slightly higher rates than in-house developers. 

Share your contact information

To wrap your vacancy description, provide a seeker with your contact information. It can be your office or mobile number, Gmail, social media account, or Skype. 

Where to find React Native developers

Writing a clear job offering is half of the work. After that, you’ll need to find the right websites and social media to place your RN developer job description. There are some of them:

  • Reddit;
  • GitHub;
  • Indeed;
  • LinkedIn;
  • Glassdoor;
  • Facebook.

Naturally, this is not a complete list of websites and social media you can search for a React Native developer. You can place your vacancy description wherever you expect to catch the needed specialist. However, the sites we’ve presented here are most likely to bring you one.

React Native developer salary

The price you pay for React Native developer services depends on several aspects. First of all, it is the developer’s level of expertise. Then, the country of residence of your company and developer and the work style.

The numbers you can find in the comparison table below. It doesn’t matter whether you hire an in-house developer or freelancer - the rates stay within the range given in the table.

React Native developers salary in different countries in 2021 comparison table.
React Native developers salary in 2022

What questions to ask in the interview

Now we’ve come to the pick point of a search for React Native developers - the interview. Although you could check some tech skills, giving a test task/s, the interview is the defining moment. Here you meet your future React developer face-to-face, which allows you to complete the image of an applicant. To achieve that, you need to structure your interview, ask the right questions and give an applicant a basic understanding of your project specifications. Also, it’d be nice to make your interviewee familiar with the mission and working code of your company. Without further ado, let's get to the actual interview questions.

Hard skills

Please, tell us what React Native is?

How does React Native work?

What are the advantages of React Native framework for mobile app development?

What are the stages of the React Native application development?

How do you convert a native Android app into iOS?

What is cross-platform application development?

What is Virtual DOM?

Explain the difference between hybrid and native app development?

What are the native and hybrid apps?

For what purposes will you use Redux?

What is JSX?

What is Flux?

What is the difference between mobile development with React Native and web development with React.js?

What is ‘setState’? When do you use it?

How do states and props differ from each other?

What is your personal experience with React Native?

What types of mobile applications have you developed using React Native?

Soft skills

How do you describe yourself as a professional? 

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Have you ever made mistakes during React Native development? How did you handle it? What did you learn from them?

Please, describe your favorite React Native application development project/s? Why do you like them? What was your personal contribution to these projects?

Can you call yourself a creative person? 

Do you like to share your ideas with the team/manager? 

Have you ever had your ideas rejected by your colleagues/manager? If yes, what was your reaction to it?

Bottom line

That’s it! Now you have everything to find a dedicated React Native developer to help you out with your project. Following these guidelines, you will attract the right developer or development agency to build an excellent RN mobile application. 

Please, remember that every member of the React Native development team leaves his/her own brushstroke on the canvas of your project. That means that the quality and the impression of the final picture depend on each contributor. Thus, stick to the recommendations given here and let your mobile app be a masterpiece of the development art.

How and where to find outstanding React Native developers in 2022
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