Sprint Report Basics: What Should You Be Tracking?

Sprints are the cornerstone of any elaborate development process, so it's vital to understand them properly. The Sprint Report template allows project managers to track the data that matters. Improve your workflow based on the most valuable action points and supplementary variables.

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Sprint metrics

What is the Sprint Report?

The Sprint report shows the team performance during a fixed period of time, usually two-week sprints. Our template includes the most valuable and universal metrics for any development team:

  • Sprint velocity, sprint scope accomplished vs. planned;
  • Quality metric as Created vs. Resolved issues number;
  • Burndown chart;
  • Quality status.

The Sprint Report template provides explanatory results and allows comparing them with the planned scope for the past sprint. One of the biggest advantages of such a report lies in its ability to show the actual status and provide clear recommendations to follow.

Burndown Chart

Problems Solved by the Sprint Report

The sprint report template allows users to


Minimize efforts

Provide an easy-to-use and customizable template that will minimize managerial efforts in preparing reports.


Highlight issues

Highlight pressing issues in project execution, if any.


Have a clear picture

Have a clear picture of the project's remaining volume, health status, and quality.


Prevent miscommunication

Prevent miscommunication between stakeholders and the team.

Who is the Sprint Report for?

The sprint report template may be used for both internal and external reporting. We have excellent results introducing the sprint report practice as an obligatory artifact on most of our projects.

The report gives a clear picture of team performance for team leaders. Besides, Sprint reports help to document historical results and provide full transparency to our clients.

The template can be used by

Department managers
Product owners
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