The remote patient monitoring market is expected to reach US$31.326 billion by the end of 2023, an increase of 50% since 2017.

Accelerate the creation of high-class digital products

Use this ready-made mobile template for healthcare services delivery to implement your digital solution two times faster.

Why use a Digital Clinic Dashboard?

  • To speed up a development process of your digital app;
  • To connect doctors and patients remotely;
  • To offer your clients a modern approach;
  • To expand your work practice by making yourself accessible to any patient calling on the network.

Telemedicine is seeing an unprecedented demand as people around the globe resort to self-quarantine. Even when the crisis is over, there still will be the necessity for a quick and comfortable way of getting medical help. Besides, remote appointments are more affordable than visiting a doctor in person, and they save time.

Digital Clinic is a dashboard targeted at medical centers, clinics, and hospitals. The template speeds up the development of telemedicine solutions that provide better communication with patients.  

Options available for visitors and patients:

Online booking
  • Book an appointment with a doctor online or live;
  • Fill in basic info about the problem;
  • See next appointments in personal calendar;
  • Receive notifications on upcoming appointments.
Virtual access to specialists
  • Holding a video-call with a doctor;
  • Sending messages with symptoms description, including photos;
  • Get recommendations and prescriptions online.
Payment and Feedback Online
  • Fill in the form with questions after the visit;
  • Leave any feedback;
  • Pay for the service online and get a check.
  • Explore information about the clinic and its specialization;
  • Find out about services (urgent care, primary care, preventive care, etc.);
  • Understand whether the insurance covers the necessary services or not;
  • Read articles on medical topics.

Digital Clinic is implemented as a mobile application with frontend implementation.

The dashboard provides faster, easier, and more efficient access to medical specialists whenever and wherever a patient needs them. 

The dashboard offers rich customization possibilities based on individual requests and features.

Healthcare Kit

Features and Benefits

Remote approach to patients: regular follow-up(s) and health care in general

Online payments and check, recepies exchange

Efficient access to medical specialists and work practice expansion

Digital Clinic Screens

Healthcare Kit - SplashHealthcare Kit - OnboardingHealthcare Kit - Create AccountHealthcare KitHealthcare Kit - CallHealthcare KitHealthcare Kit - SearchHealthcare Kit - ProHealthcare Kit - MapHealthcare Kit - ArticlesHealthcare Kit - BookingHealthcare Kit - ChatHealthcare Kit - Med AddingHealthcare Kit - Doctor ListHealthcare Kit - Review

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