Adapted Scrum at Akveo

The Process Framework Adaptation

Here at Akveo, we adapted Scrum principles to meet our everyday needs and solve recurring product development problems. The adapted process Scrum template resolves typical issues such as:

Missed deadlines
Unclear responsibility
Low quality development
Unmet requirements
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Adapted Scrum Framework
Adapted Scrum at Akveo

What's inside

The document thoroughly describes the sprint routine,
QA-related questions, requirement management, and the corresponding project delivery approach.

Adapted Scrum project template provides all participants with transparency on the expected flow and significantly improves time-to-market for the product increment.

Who can use the Scrum project plan template?

The described procedures are helpful for product managers and other team members.


QA teams

Scrum adaptation provides a reliable quality assurance approach for QA teams.


Business analysts

Business analysts will find an easy-to-follow path to estimation and requirements management.


Technical leaders

Technical leaders will learn how to get a continuous delivery approach to implement a stable deployment flow.

Scrum Methodology & Process

Scrum methodology introduces transparent practices and roles that outline the principles of the software development process. Scrum is an agile development methodology based on iterative and incremental methods.

This means that the development process contains a number of objectives and requirements that define the project plan from the starting point. Scrum processes address the particular activities at each step of project delivery.

Does Scrum apply to all types of projects?

The short answer is "yes." Regardless of the project's complexity, Scrum is of great assistance whether your development team has a to-do list to create a product.

It's worth noting that although Scrum originated in the software development industry, it can be used to manage various types of projects from several business domains.

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Adapted Scrum Framework

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