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What is React

React is a free and open-source JavaScript library for both web and mobile applications development. As soon as Facebook introduced it in 2013, the library became a go-to option for developers worldwide. The reasons behind React’s booming popularity among developers are:

  • Strong developer community with Facebook and thousands of independent contributors;
  • Easy dependencies handling;
  • Accelerated JavaScript coding;
  • Browser agnosticism;
  • Second to none UI rendering;
  • Amazing testing and maintenance developer tools.

React is a unique combination of advanced development features and ease of coding that makes the library suitable for large-scale projects and lightweight solutions.

React Development Benefits


Seamless Scalability

Declarative programming and component-based architecture make React applications flexible. React developers can reuse the existing app components to build new web pages, which is nothing but a programming constructor.


High Performance

The framework uses Virtual DOM to render the applications’ UIs. Real DOM compares its tree against the virtual copy and reflects only the new components. As a result, end-users have their applications work faster.


Fast Development

React development is centered around reusable components that have their own controls and logic. This approach allows React developers to maintain a rapid coding pace even during large-scale projects.


Broad Developer Community

Numerous React contributors always improve the framework and assist each other, sharing experience and advice. Community support is a vital factor for React’s performance, seamless app development process.


App Migration Capabilities

React environment provides migration options for your existing applications. React migration enhances app performance, allows adding the latest browser features, and more complex UIs to your legacy app.


Easy Testing/Debugging

React developers use the Jest testing framework that works out-of-box and requires no configuration. Additionally, React code patterns are easier to inspect and debug owing to their repetitive character.

When to use React?

React is the best choice if you look for:


High level of security

React applications comply with all the cyber security standards and can be used for banking, e-commerce, and retail apps.
Seamless scalability

Seamless scalability

The easy and fast scalability of React apps will match the rapidly evolving performance demands of any enterprise.
F eatures

Advanced features for your app

React architecture and integration capacity allow adding complex features to your application.
React Development Services

Stunning UI/UX

Being oriented from the front-end, React amazes users with UI authenticity and seamless rendering.
App Migration

Migration of your existing app into a more enabling framework

React cross-platform APIs make the app’s transition process fast and convenient.
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Improved SEO performance

ReactJS web applications are easier to find in a browser search engine.
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React Software Portfolio in Numbers

Dozens of businesses from around the world established a strong online presence with Akveo React development services. Our React team sticks to the budget/schedule and delivers applications that help our clients to make their ideas work. Check out our React development portfolio and see for yourself.

Number of developers


No of projects


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Our React tech stack

State Management
Redux, MobX
UI Libraries
MaterialUI, Ant Design, SemanticUI, React Bootstrap, EVA design system
Code Quality Tools
ESLint, Prettier
Testing Libraries
Jest, React testing library

Why choose our React development services

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Fast development

We make the maximum of React’s code reusability to produce fully-functioning applications at short notice.

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Moderate Costs

Our React development prices comply with the work we do. The faster and easier the creation process, the fewer resources it requires.



Our developers prove their competence with the international standard certifications and actual projects.

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5+ years of hands-on React development experience give Akveo the confidence and mastery to produce fully-fledged solutions fast.

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Staying Within Budget

Development know-how, agile coding pace, and different hiring models allow us to deliver ready-to-use applications within a strict budget.

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React Contributors

We enrich the React environment with our free and open-source systems (EVA design).

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What makes React applications stand out?


Performance Stability

Powered by Virtual DOM and JavaScript, React applications can handle heavy loads, maintaining seamless UI rendering. The feature is of utmost importance for the businesses that expect high traffic on their website.

Exceptional UIs

Since React is a front-end-oriented library, it enables developers to create applications with aesthetic, interactive, and performant UIs.
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Improved Visibility

React web apps stand high in the search engine ranking and have high SEO performance. JavaScript code (React basis) is one of the core languages of the Internet (along with HTML), making it easy for search engines to read.

Effortless Maintenance

Component structure and unidirectional data flow make React applications easier to maintain. These features also streamline application upgrades and scalability, so it won’t take much time/resources to respond to the needs of rapidly evolving businesses.

What is possible to create using React?

You can apply React to create market-ready applications and websites for different purposes and of any complexity.

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Enterprise Web Applications

React architecture and features are capable of producing enterprise-level applications with large amounts of users.


Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

React includes components for building PWAs that work offline, leveraging the cached data of the previous user interactions.


Data Visualization Tools

React interactive dashboards and other interface elements that render seamlessly and display real-time data analytics.


Mobile Applications

Hybrid mobile applications for banking, traveling, e-commerce, and other industries.


Single Page Web Applications (SPAs)

React SPAs load automatically with a browser and have one-page navigation.  Among the famous examples of React SPAs are Gmail, Google Maps, and GitHub.


E-commerce Web Applications

React’s APIs, complex filters, and elements comprise a basis for powerful e-commerce apps that can be integrated with all kinds of online payment systems.

React’s most popular web and mobile applications


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I know if React is the right choice for me?


React fits for the development of simple and complex apps alike. The library is the best option if a stable high performance, fast development, good-looking UIs, and scalability are your priority.

How much time does it take to deliver a fully-fledged and viable React solution?


It depends on the complexity of the application you want to build. For instance, you can create a simple web game in a few hours, while a production application with elaborate features will take several months.

Where does Akveo reside?


Akveo has offices in the USA, Belarus, Lithuania, and Ukraine.

Can we collaborate with a client’s in-house developers?


Sure, we can. Akveo offers several work engagement styles, including a joint effort with the developers and other specialists from the client’s side.

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