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A front-end template for Fleet Management solutions

UI Bakery

The Fleet Management Dashboard is a reliable front-end template for companies that develop fleet management software. Whether you need a striking front-end or UI/UX, the dashboard template provides a visual foundation for your solution. Besides, the template speeds up the time to market as you don’t have to create the UI from scratch.

  • The Fleet Management Dashboard is open source and free;
  • We offer technical support, application maintenance, and customization services;
  • We will set up continuous integration and delivery solutions depending on your tech stack.
Fleet Management Dashboard


Free and Open source Power BI dashboard template for delivery management

SQL Server Alternative
Power BI Alternative
UI Bakery

Ready-to-use dashboard for delivery companies. Process orders on time and increase your profit up to 25%. Сonsolidate all your business data in one place.
Measure every step and increase your customer loyalty.

  • Aggregate profit and margin across suppliers;
  • Analyze couriers performance, delivery and downtime;
  • Find out what factors influence your business the most.
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Insights Delivery Dashboard


Regulatory change management template

Coming soon


A ready-to-use template for RegTech compliance and change management solutions with front-end implementation. Reduce development time and save up to 50% of your efforts on management. The template comes with integral features for the Fintech domain.

  • Speed up the development of your own RegTech solution;
  • Improve data quality for risk aggregation and reporting;
  • Save budget and resources for regulatory compliance-related projects.
RegTech Dashboard


Mobile template for digital clinic

React Native Implementation Coming


A nice addition to the digital clinic app: implement remote patient monitoring with a ready-to-use template and save up to 73% of your development time. Integral features for telemedicine platforms come within the package.

  • Speed up the development process of your digital app;
  • Expand your work practice to any patient calling on the network;
  • Provide online booking and virtual access to specialists with online prescriptions and recommendations.
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Insights Delivery Dashboard


Healthcare dashboard for delivery companies

Coming soon

UI Bakery

Increase operational efficiency by tracking and improving employees' health condition.

  • Track your courier’s health with real-time data;
  • Gather all health statistics in one place;
  • Analyze how improved heath rate of employees results in company's increased income;
  • Get more loyalty from your workers.
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