Starter Pack for Startup Founders

Do you have a fantastic startup idea? If you do, you might have been wondering what steps you should take to move forward. Being a former startup ourselves, we know this feeling. That is why our team has put together a collection of insights to help early-stage companies have a quick start and grow. So without further ado, we invite you to download our interactive startup guide.

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What’s inside

Advice from successful startup founders
Tips and personal stories
Downloadable tools and templates for entrepreneurs
Lots of helpful media resources

The pack answers the following questions:

How can I accelerate my growth?
What tools can help me reach my goals?
What are the current startup trends?
Do I need a co-founder?
What mistakes should I avoid?
What media should I follow?

Why should I care to download the kit?

Because just like you, we are passionate about technology and business. Since 2016, we’ve been helping startups translate their ideas into powerful products. This way, software development and consultation for startups is our specialty, and we know a lot about it. It would be unfair to keep this knowledge to ourselves.

Founders feedback

The guide is well-structured and contains only helpful stuff

I mean, it won't take ages to get to the point. It might be a bit longer, but it is definitely worth downloading.



Insightful and well-written

The part about finding a development company is my favorite. I could easily recommend this to anyone interested in knowing more about startups.



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Get startup advice from Akveo!

Meet Eugene Korsak, a startup expert at Akveo: with over seven years of working with startups, he has a lot to share with you. This way, if you have business development-related questions (and we’re sure you do), feel free to book a meeting with Eugene.

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More materials for startup founders

As you might have guessed, we love writing about startups. Discover our selection of articles from Akveo co-founder and editorial staff.

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Akveo is a software development company that provides a wide array of digital services. To give you a basic idea about the company, here are some facts about us:

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